Apple Red iPhone 7 : Apple launches Red iPhone 7

Apple has launched the ‘Red’ colour variant of its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Along with this, it has also launched a new, cheaper version of its iPad Pro.

The iPhone Red has been launched as an attempt to raise awareness against HIV/ AIDS. Apple claims that every purchase will contribute to Global Fund for HIV/ AIDS programs.


Priced at $749 and $869, the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are available on Apple retail stores and the Apple store online.

Apple also launched a new iPad variants with a faster A9 chip. The variant comes as the lower priced iPad at a cost of $329 and is available on the Apple store online.

 Ten things to love about apple iPhone 7 Red:-

1.This is the first RED iPhone

Apple has made plenty of RED items before, from cases, to Watch bands and other accessories. Or there have been times when the App Store has had a PRODUCT(RED) branding with special purchases and even extra characters in popular games.

This was most evident last year on World AIDS Day, December 1.

As a result of actions like these, Apple is the biggest single contributor to the Global Fund which supports HIV/AIDS programs – it’s contributed $130 million out of the $465 million the Fund has raised. Money that’s used to try and create an AIDS-free generation.

2. Buying this iPhone saves lives

When I spoke to Apple CEO Tim Cook last year, he spoke passionately about the company’s support for (PRODUCT)RED, saying: “Ten years ago there were 1,200 babies being born a day with HIV, and that’s now dropped to 400.

3. Helping raise money for charity is cost-free through iPhone 7 red

It’s unquestionably a highly laudable cause, and Apple is doing an impressive job raising money for it. So if you’re eager to help the charity, and providing you want a 128GB or 256GB iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, it’s a cost-free way to show that support.

Beyond that, it really comes down to whether you like the look of it.

4. Well,it is red.

The red is bright and unmissable, but because it’s a matte finish, it’s still a shade which has a subtle effect.

5 The iPhone 7 red back changes colour

It’s a finish which really seems to change depending on the light that falls on it. Under bright, warm light, it almost glows, with the curved edges catching the light especially.

Put it in the shade and whichever edge is pointing towards some light still gleams.

6 Detailing is great, even down to the antenna

The antenna of iPhone 7 red lines at top and bottom of the phone, almost matching the body of the phone when out of direct light, show up much more clearly when the phone is more brightly lit.

The raised area around the dual cameras on the iPhone 7 Plus also offer slightly different look where the light falls at a different angle. In other words, there’s a slightly chameleon property to this anodised aluminum case.

7 The Apple logo

One more thing about the back, and you really can’t miss it: unlike the other iPhone 7 handsets, the Apple logo has not been colour-matched to the hue around it. This is a stainless steel logo and, oh my, it really pops out at you. There’s another logo here, too, the PRODUCT(RED) one, which is a mite subtler.

8 But the phone’s front will divide opinion

Turn the phone face up and you’ll see the same white glass front found on all the latest iPhones apart from the black and jet black variants. This has proved controversial, with some saying they’d have preferred a black front and others hoping for a red finish.

9 No red face for (PRODUCT)RED

That could have been spectacular, with a real purity of colour to it. though no current iPhone has a front that matches the back colour, again apart from the black models so it may not be right for Apple’s rigorous design process.

10 No red ring around the Home button

Instead, and you just know it’s a detail that was gone into in great depth before a decision was made, Apple has plumped for a white front and a silver ring around the home button. Not the red detail you might have been expecting.

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