Tripod Reviews-7 Best Camera Tripods for Travellers and Professional Photographers

Some of the greatest clicks is because of having a tripod.

If you want to know completely about Tripod, its uses, how and when it is used. Check out this. WHAT IS A TRIPOD?

A good-quality tripod is one of the most important accessories you can get for your camera, but with so many new brands and options out there, choosing the right one can be difficult. And, it is important to choose a right tripod mainly for travellers to meet their demands and not cause trouble to their journey. The larger and heavier a tripod is, the steadier it will hold a camera. The larger and heavier a tripod is, the less likely you will ever want to carry it around or take it on a trip.


$80 BUY NOW The Slik Sprint Mini II GM is compact camera tripod designed with frequent travelers in mind. It weighs only 1.72 pounds and can hold up to 4.5 pounds of camera gear, so it's better suited for compact DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and pocket-friendly offerings — not pro-grade solutions. A quick-release ball head and height that ranges between 5.9 inches and 42.9 inches make this a highly versatile choice in its price range. More: The Best Mirrorless Cameras

The Slik Sprint Mini II GM Tripod is a flyweight class tripod specifically configured for travel concerns, meant for use with very small SLR systems or with any form of point and shoot camera.  It has 20mm diameter upper leg segments and is specialized for those who value compact folded dimensions and low weight above all other tripod concerns; you’ll need to stoop down a bit to use it, or otherwise have a rotating/flip-out LCD screen (or right angle finder for your SLR).  This is a tripod right at home on a backpack or on your shoulder (unpadded case with shoulder strap included), weighing only 1.72 lb (780g).

The Sprint series was designed to maximize your propensity to actually carry and use your tripod on vacation, without costing a ton.  It can be raised and lowered quickly, and will help make sharp images in the typical daylight conditions a traveler ‘on holiday’ is expected to encounter.

It is suitable for both video and high definition cameras the maximum centre column extension of this Slik Sprint PRO II is 177 mm. The grooved tubular legs of this camera trivet are integrated with a speed release lock. This lock is crafted to prevent the leg from spinning around while shooting and makes provision for swift and secure locking. Besides this, you could also extend the leg from any section, regardless of the order. Created with simplicity, the Slik Sprint Pro II reduces unwanted movement of the camera and helps produce professional results.

Product Features and Technical Details :-

Brand Slik
Model Year 2010
Item Weight 921 g
Product Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 cm
Item model number SL-CXSPRMG
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required No


2) Magnus  MaxiGrip

You’ll never miss a photo for lack of a tripod when you have the MaxiGrip Flexible Tripod (Black) from Magnus. It weighs only 6 oz – you can carry it with you 24/7. It has flexible legs that can be bent 360° to wrap around a fence, a tree branch, a chair leg or anything else stable enough to hold a small camera and small enough to wrap the legs around. It has a 9.7″ maximum height and includes a flat head that supports a point-and-shoot camera or pocket video camera weighing up to 2.2 lb. The flexible legs are covered with a protective foam shell, and rubber feet give you a stable support when using the tripod traditionally, with all three feet on a flat surface.

Technical Details:-

Maximum Height 9.7″ (24.6 cm)
Minimum Height 4.5″ (11.4 cm)
Folded Length 10.7″ (27.2 cm)
Load Capacity 2.2 lb (1 kg)
Leg Sections N/A
Leg Lock Type N/A
Male Thread Size 1/4″-20
Weight 6 oz (170 g)
Ball Head
Head Type Ballhead with quick release
Load Capacity 2.2 lb (1 kg)
Height 2.7″ (68 mm)
Width 2.4″ (60 mm)
Weight 4.6 oz (130 g)
Head Mount Thread Size 1/4″-20
Total Weight 1.72 lb (0.780 kg)



3) Benro FTA28CV1 Travel Angel Series 2 Carbon Fiber Tripod with V1E Ball Head

Benro does a nice travel tripod with many full-sized tripod features. The Benro FTA28CV1 Travel Angel Series 2 Carbon Fiber Tripod with V1E Ball Head has a very respectable load capacity of 22 lb, and can easily handle a DSLR or mirrorless setup. The unit has a lot of center-column versatility because the column can be removed and attached to a removable leg to form a monopod.

The leg angle lock design is more reminiscent of a full-sized tripod, just smaller. A unique carbon veneer looks very cool. The V1E ball head is Arca-type compatible, has a separate panning lock, coaxial friction adjustment for the main knob, bubble level, and the Benro P&T (pull-and-twist) safety release system to prevent accidental drops of your camera.

The Benro iTrip travel tripod kits are a great solution for anyone needing compact and lightweight support when traveling. Ideal for outdoor landscape and location shooting. The iTrip design features unique reverse folding legs making these tripods small enough to take anywhere. Setting up the tripod is easy.

The iTrip 5-section tripod features quick flip leg locks providing simple setup and breakdown. For an extra measure of flexibility the tripod legs can be independently locked into place at 3 different angles to enable shooting in cramped quarters or uneven ground. A hook located on the bottom of the center-column allows you to hang a camera bag or additional weight for increased stability.

The center column can be reversed for low-level photography. The iTrip ball head features an Arca-Swiss style quick release with a double safety lock to prevent your camera from accidentally slipping out of the quick-release clamp. The bubble level provides precise leveling. Each iTrip tripod also converts into a monopod. The removable leg and center column combine to make a full size monopod without tools. The IT15 and IT25 iTrip Travel Tripods are manufactured from high quality aluminum with magnesium alloy castings.

Product Features:

Brand Benro
Model IT15
Item Weight 1.3 Kg
Product Dimensions 39.5 x 15.2 x 124.5 cm
Item model number IT15
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required No
Includes Rechargable Battery No

4) Gitzo GK1545T-82TQD Series 1 Traveler Carbon Fiber Tripod

The entire design of the Gitzo travel tripod is based on maximizing its thin profile. The odd-shaped head is purposely curvy to accommodate the legs when inverted for transport. Gitzo travel tripod legs are narrower than much of the competition, but generally maintain higher load capacities. O-rings seal the top of the twist locks to keep debris out, the legs can be set at one of two angles, and the chassis is made of magnesium. The center ball head is a fine complement to its gorgeous legs and features a separate pan lock knob, screw lock for the Arca-type compatible plate, and a tungsten disulfide coating for silky smooth action. Like Manfrotto, Gitzo sells individual parts for its tripods, so if you wear out a component, it can be replaced.

GT1545T is the ‘without head’ version of the Traveler Tripod Kit GK1545T-82TQD.Traveler Tripods, with the 180 Degree leg folding system pioneered by Gitzo, makes more efficient use of folded space by accommodating the center column and head in between the folded tripod legs. They are now even stronger with the state of the art Carbon exact tubes, more space efficient with the compact ”Traveler G-lock”, and easier to carry with the supplied shoulder strap. The tripod GT1545T has the perfect balance between lightweight when carrying, and height and rigidity when shooting. It is much taller than its predecessor, thanks to the space efficient Traveler G-lock. Recommended for use with 135mm lenses (200mm maximum).

Product Features:

Brand Gitzo
Model GT1545T
Model Year 2015
Item Weight 1.1 Kg
Product Dimensions 51.1 x 10.7 x 10.7 cm
Item model number GT1545T
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required No
Includes Rechargable Battery No


5)  Corey Aluminum Travel Tripod with AirHed Neo Ball Head

One thing that many of the 3 Legged Thing tripods feature is load capacities that are much higher than other similarly priced and sized tripods. The Corey Aluminum Travel Tripod with Neo Ball Head has a load capacity of 30 lb, larger than any other tripod on this list, while still packing up to a diminutive length. The Corey is a bit more subdued than other models from 3 Legged Thing, but it still features a bit of blue and orange bling. The leg-angle locks are spring-loaded and accessible even when the legs are folded up around the center column. The shiny blue Neo ball head has an Arca-type-compatible plate, built-in bubble level, and single ball control for simplicity.


The Punks Corey tripod is packed with features and functionailty, and provides our best ever Punks micro-travellor tripod, with new and advanced features.

  • Patented Tri-Mount plate for easier use, with hollowed spurs for clip on devices
  • D-Ring & Toolz assembly in place of traditional spring hook
  • Detachable monopod
  • 1/4″ Screw foot, with multiple accessory options
  • Precision engineered leg lock system for greater stability and rigidity
  • New thumb catch release system
  • Arca-Swiss & Peak Design compatibility on Quick Release Plate
  • Multiple visible spirit levels for comprehensive levelling
  • Ergonomic bubble grip for better all weather use
  • 14kg Variable Load Capability
  • Aircraft Grade Magnesium Alloy construction for greater durability


6) Manfrotto 190Go! Aluminum Tripod Kit with Ball Head

The new 190 go! is the lightest and most compact 190 in the Aluminum range. The new 190 go! Closed size is 45 cm (17 7 in) and weighs 1 7 kg (374 lbs.). That rsquo s 4 cm more compact and also 20% lighter than the MT190XPRO4. The new twist locks allow the easy opening and closure of all sections at once with a single hand making it ultra-fast to operate the tripod. Twist locks occupy less space compared to a lever making the tripod light and compact. The 90 Degree column mechanism is hidden inside the tripod rsquo s top casting until it rsquo s needed the mechanism can then be raised with a single finger allowing the center column to swing to the horizontal position. Together the 90 Degree column and the 4 leg angles enable you to get low down to the ground like no other tripod. Taking its lead from our professional equipment lines an Easy Link attachment in the top casting turns the tripod into a mobile studio and allows it to hold a LED light reflector or other accessory. The 190 go! is made in Italy by Manfrotto.


– This tripod is quite versatile with it’s reversible column that can also be positioned at a 90 degree angle. The 90 degree angle is great for:
-Getting extremely close to the ground. This is great for macro and landscape photography.
– Positioning the camera offset from the legs. This is excellent for all sorts of photos where the tripod legs would otherwise be in the way.
– The quick locks work well
– The overall build quality feels excellent


– It’s designed for travel but, at just under 4 pounds, I’d say it’s on the heavier side of these things.
– It’s also on the larger side for a traveling tripod
– When all legs are extended and locked, there is a bit more flex in the leg sections.

Weight 1670 g
Collection/Series 190
Material Aluminium
Safety Payload Weight 7 kg
Legs Tube Diameter 16, 19, 22, 25 mm
Leg Sections 4
Leg Angles 25°,46°,66°,88°
Top Attachment 3/8″ screw
Min Height 9 cm
Maximum Height 146 cm
Maximum Height (with Center Column Down) 122 cm
Closed Length 45 cm
Upper Disc Diameter 60 mm
Carrying Bag Included none
Center Column rapid
Color Black
Easy Link Yes
Leg Type Single
Leg Lock Type Twist Lock
Maximum Working Temperature 60 C
Minimum Working Temperature -30 C

7)  AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod

This AmazonBasics offering can support up to 6.6 pounds of weight, as well as extend from 25 to 60 inches. A head that tilts and swivels in three directions, a bubble level, solid construction, and a reasonable weight of 3.3 pounds, make the Lightweight Tripod by Amazon a great option for frugal shutterbugs.

This lightweight tripod is perfect for most cameras up to 6.6 pounds. Setup is quick and easy. The included bag makes storage and transport a snap.

The tripod’s legs can extend from 20” to 48”. Leg locks release smoothly and glide easily to your desired height. Crank up the center post for a tripod that is 60” tall.

The built-in level above the legs lets you know when the base is level. Another on the top of the camera plate lets you know when the camera is level. The rubber feet adjust to help you achieve the perfect position.

Product Features:

Brand AmazonBasics
Model WT3540
Model Year 2013
Item Weight 1.2 Kg
Product Dimensions 12.1 x 12 x 61.4 cm
Item model number WT3540
Included Components Tripod
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required No

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